What Our Happy Clients Said About Us

Gia “GG” did a great job on her ride home and she has been a wonderful addition to our household and our dachshund has learned to love her quickly.  she is training really easy and after one day is already starting to go to the front door to go potty and is using the potty pads in her personal room thank you so much for our bundle of joy – April

Posey is doing great!!  She enjoyed her first meal at home!!  Running around checking house out!  No problems with poop.  She walked on her leash well and was a hit at our Petsmart stop on the way home!!  She has such an awesome personality!! Thank you!! – Debbie

Anintas Dachshunds Puppy Home has been the best thing to find. I have the best puppy who is well trained. My puppy, Juniper, is the happiest little girl who was well loved and cared for before I picked her up. Thank you all for being so wonderful and helpful through this process!! – Mallory

She is great, acts like this home was always hers. She adapted very well. Working on potty training. Have a video of her running and playing with her toys but I can’t seem to attach it. We love her. – Linda

We brought our Ozzy home 6 months ago and our experience was excellent from the first phone call. Ozzy is very heathy, happy and possesses a great personality. He is a little lover and loves everyone and they love him!- Charlotte

Hi guys! Just wanted to give you an update and let you know Paulette is doing awesome!! She is eating her food regularly as well as going to the bathroom . She’s the sweetest dog!! We can’t believe how good she is! My daughter (who’s 4) renamed her Peach Mango Here’s an adorable picture of them! She has her first vet appt tomorrow and I will forward her papers along. Thank you guys so much!! – Natalie

Hi! Teddy is amazing!!! We are all so in love and our goldendoodle loves him too! We took him to vet this Tuesday and everything was great. So far only one accident in the house. Seems a little too good to be true but we feel blessed to have gotten him. Thanks for checking in!  – Heather

Peper is doing great, and getting settled in to his new home. He has such a great disposition! Here are a few recent pics. He got a haircut and we took him to the beach with us this past weekend. – Kyle

She is doing great!!! We are so in love with her! Our Cavachon loves her too and they both adjusted to each other on day 1!! We have changed her name to Kaya. I’ll forward some pics. –  Lynda