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We are an AKC inspected and approved home.
I’m so happy you’ve found us! We are crazy about our dachshund. They are very intelligent (former circus entertainers), hypoallergenic, non-shedding, loving, loyal, gentle with children, not biters or yappers! We have owned and worked with many types and sizes of dogs from Belgian Mallanoise to Maltese & Yorkshire Terriers. After years of personal experience we can truly say dachshund are the best!! dachshund are still fairly rare in the US. AKC only recognized this breed in the last 20 years after the breed was revived from the last few remaining dachshund alive in the USA. 

Our dogs are pets first, so we give them individual attention every day. They are part of our family. We have our dogs and puppies checked regularly by our veterinarian in addition to testing parents for any genetic faults that might show up in this breed (DERF, BAER, OFA-patellas and knees, and Cardiac, Kidneys, Liver function. Our babies’ parents have great hips, knees, hearts, livers, kidneys, eyes, ears, etc. dachshund can be athletic, but require only mild daily exercise making them a perfect addition to today’s busy families! Some dachshund have competed quite well in agility competitions along with obedience and rally! However, they are also content to sit in your lap for cuddles and kisses. Our dachshund are truly your Best Friend Forever! We have puppies living in over 14 different states and several other countries. We are so proud of our dachshund!

Please take the time to thoroughly read our site. You’ll find resources for training, Frequently Asked Questions, and pictures of Available Puppies from many different angles: front back, left, right. We know how frustrating it is to look at 2 or 3 pictures of a puppy and wonder what the rest of him/her looks like! BEWARE: They will steal your heart. And we believe that with dachshund, you can’t have just one! They get along so well with people and other animals. We have a one year health guarantee so that you can buy without any worries.

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